Stuff that athletes trademark . . . it gets weird

Here’s a really interesting article listing some of the things that athletes (and sports agents and entrepreneurs) have trademarked.  Some highlights:

– Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has trademarked his hook shot.  Really? Would another basketball player be sued by the former L.A. Laker superstar for using it in a game? Especially considering that Kareem didn’t invent it?

– Tennis great John McEnroe has trademarked the phrase “You cannot be serious!”, which is a substantially cleaned-up version of what he used to scream at referees. I propose that the scores if not hundreds of refs McEnroe abused should get a cut of royalties.

– And in perhaps the most insane entry in the list, boxing announcer Michael Buffer (who I’d never heard of before now even though I am a boxing fan) has trademarked the phrase “Let’s get ready to rumble!”, which is how he typically introduces a bout. And he’s apparently made over $400 million in licensing revenue from the trademark.

We are in the wrong business.