Nordstrom Knocks Off

Knockoffs are everywhere in the fashion world. But it is not everyday you see the same store selling the original AND the knockoff. According to, the shoes above are both at Nordstrom’s:

Have you had your eye on the beautiful Kate Spade ‘Charm’ heels, in all of their sparkly glory, but couldn’t bring yourself to shell out over $300 for them? I noticed that there’s now a knockoff available, and it’s a pretty darn close match, but for less than $100. It’s by Flounce, Nordstrom’s in-house brand. Of course, the original is available at Nordstrom too, and also in gold, silver, and black glitter. Which would you go for?]

The interesting question is who buys the original and who the knockoff. It would also be interesting to know how these are displayed; side by side seems hard to believe, but very close by?

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